Statement Egyptian Creativity Front

Statement of the first conference of the Egyptian Creativity Front

Since the dawn of history till today, Egyptian pen, art and research have been an impregnable wall against the demise of our culture, and tools of building our renaissance over the decades . Creative Egyptians have made Egypt a Mekka for enlightenment , and a pioneer in the arts for the whole world .They are the fuel that leads the locomotive of the Arab nation .
Our gathering today, with such multitude ascertains the consensus and size of those who adopt the ideas of the Egyptian Creativity Front, in line with the current revolutionary tide in Egypt.

We may ,with no exaggeration, say that we have come with all Egypt, past, present and future with us .We are led by thoughts of Tahtawi , Muhammad Abdo ,Abdallah Al Nadim ,Tawfiq Al-Hakim, Abbas El Akkad, Taha Hussein , Lutfi Al Sayed , Salama Moussa, Jamal Hamdan , Hoda Shaarawi and Bint El Shate , with the experiences of Talaat Harb ,Ali Musharrafa and Sanhoury ,by the poems of Shawky ,Hafez , Ramy , Badie khairy , Beyram El Tunsy ,Salah Abdel-Sabour , Amal Dunqul , Abdul Rahman Al-Sharkawy ,Fouad Haddad, and Salah Jaheen .. with melodies and voices of Sayed Darwish , Abdel-Wahab , Umm kulthum , Al Qasabjy, AL Sunbati, and Abdel Halim hafez ..

With us the works of Naji Mahmoud Mokhtar, Mahmoud Said, Ragheb Ayyad ..plays and movies of Al Rihani, Yusif Wahby , Mahmud Al Meligy , Youssif Shahine, Salah Abu Seif , Kamal El Sheikh, Hussein Kamal, Ahmed Zaki ..
the literature of Naguib Mahfouz, Yahya Hakki and Yusuf Idris, Yahya E Taher Abdullah and Ibrahim Aslan .. the articles of M El Tabie , Mustafa and Ali Amin , Hassan Fouad Ahmed Bahaa El-Din and Salah Hafez .. the memory of Egyptian creativity abounds with figures . We also have with us the whole future of young innovators in all walks of creativity.

We have come realizing that the revolution of January 25th is the first real uprising of purely popular character . Evoked by their human heritage, the revolutionists revolted to liberate their will from those who tyrannized their home countries ,to purify it from corruption and to regain its dignity affronted by the system that subjugated the people.
We have come full of certainty that this revolution should continue until we get our freedom that does not only mean the people’s right to choose their rulers without oppression or fraud of will, but also means liberating the Egyptian will by removing all kinds of restrictions on freedom of thought , opinion and creativity . We do not exaggerate if we say that, without such liberation , no project of the renaissance is possible.
Freedom is the human nature since God has created Man , and made him His successor on earth , no despot could detract it by constitutions nor laws.
Today writers ,literary figures, poets and artists of this nation who were at the forefront of the Egyptian society that addressed the system of tyranny, and corruption of the former regime , their presence in the Tahreer Square when the January 25th great revolution broke out, gave a massive boost to the rebels in their difficult first days , to confirm that the makers of reason and conscience in our nation are also part of the new revolutionary vanguard.

We are here to confirm unequicovally :
– that we will not accept to disarm the soul and conscience of Egypt
– we will not tolerate changing the egyptian character deep rooted for thousands of years notwithstanding the sequence of invaders and occupiers who have tried and failed.
– we reject displacement of the Egyptian mind , just as we reject repressing it at home.
– we will not leave the hand that extends to tamper our cultural heritage starting with our eternal, monuments , nor our arts.
– we will not rest until Egypt returns to lead the scientific , literary, artistic and media of the Arab World .
– we have come to stand united in the face of those who want to extinguish the power of enlightenment in Egypt.
– we will not accept terrorizing the minds and expiation of thinking , nor considering those who oppose the Military Junta as traitors , or thoe who attack the currents, which call themselves religious are infidels.
•​because we are part of this society, we protect its constants and reject the use of the word (constants of the community) as a pretext to limit and restrict the freedom of creativity.
– we will use every means of pressure and objection to express our rejection of prejudice against the freedom of thought , opinion, and creativity, even if the price is our lives .. We prefer to die for our country , than be condemned by future generations for neglect of their freedom , and indifference in the face of extinguishing the light of their future.
We have not been honoured with martyrdom at the beginning of the revolution, but we will proceed with the intention , and we will defend the freedom of opinion , thought and creativity and mobilize crowds from all over the country with whom we will move, no difference between the public of a mosque or a church , university students , factory workers , residents of compounds and the provinces.
And so we pledge that
– our revolution will not subside as long as there is a poor hungry Egyptian , whose fellow citizen who has looted billions , enjoys unduely wealth..
– our revolution will not subside as long as thousands of our sons and our brothers who insisted to continue their revolt are in prisons
– our revolution will not subside until all Egyptians , of all religions, sex, colors, or social classes participate in shaping their own future .
– our revolution will not subside until the rule of law is uphel , and we stand equal before the law , no accused comes to trial in a plane , while an innocent is dragged in the streets or is tied wounded by handcuffs in his bed .
– our revolution will not subside before those who killed the martyrs and wounded and injured and dragged protesters and stripped their bodies are fairly prosecuted, whether their crimes were committed in the early days of the revolution , or in Maspero, or the Balloon theatre ,or the Embassy of Israel,or Mohamed Mahmoud street, or the Council of ministers.
– our revolution will not subside until the dignity of any egyptian is the dignity of the whole nation , and every citizen is given the right of education, medical treatment,and enjoys material and cultural. services .
Finally, the future will come only when all the windows are open for the energies of Egyptian creativity ,with the confirmation that we are not a political party and do not want to be , all what we aim at is building of a capable emerging , triumphant Egypt .